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Mother Tongue

A nurturing environment where students enjoy the learning of MTL and appreciate their culture.
  • To inculcate the love of MTL and culture.
  • To nurture students to have sound values and be a life-long learner of the language.






Mdm Makaisvery Esther Periak A



Mdm Khatijah Mohamed Yatim



Mr Li Yundong



Mr Ismail B Jaafar

ML Teacher


Mdm Yeo Aik Ser

CL Teacher


Mdm Ganesan Raja Rajeswari

TL Teacher


Mdm Sun King Ying

CL Teacher


Ms Tan Taw Ying

CL Teacher


Ms Kang Lu

CL Teacher


Mr Azmil

ML Teacher


Ms Hoi Nga Man

CL Teacher


Ms Quek Poh Noi

CL Teacher


Mr Zulhilmi

ML Teacher


Mdm Hu Longmei

CL Teacher

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Mother Tongue Fortnight Week Report - 2014
Activity 1: Tea Appreciation 2014

90 students from Sec 1 Express and NA classes participated in the Tea Appreciation activity from 4th to 7th Feb. The students were exposed to the origins and specifications of tea appreciation through a comprehensive and engaging hands-on experience guided by a few trained staff. They were also given additional information such as history, customs and the origins of some festivals through viewing short video clips as well as engaging in craftwork such as 'Tang Yuan' making.

Activity 2: Performance & The Great Campus Story Challenge Workshop

The Great Campus Story Challenge workshop was conducted by Theatre Practice and sponsored by the National Library Board. The students were exposed to Oral skills and body language movements. 250 students from Sec 1 & 2 Exp/NA/NT watched the performance in the school's ISH on 10th Feb. 21 students from 1Exp/NA classes participated in the 4-hour workshop from 13th to 14th Feb. These students will represent the school in the National Story Challenge Competition in 2015.

Activity 3: Chinese Cultural Camp - Sec 2 & 3 Exp/NA

237 students from Sec 2 & 3 Exp/NA participated in the Chinese Cultural Camp that was held from 11th to 13th Feb 2014. Students learned the techniques of drawing comics in this workshop. A mini exhibition was held to showcase students' work at the end of the camp.



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Mother Tongue Fortnight Week Report - 2014
Activity 1: Outreach Programme cum Motivation (Shuqun & Al Mukminin)

Date: 18.01.2014
Time: 9.00am - 4.00pm
Location: AV Room (Shuqun) & Al-Mukminin (Hall)
Target students: Sec 1Exp, 1NA & 1NT

  • To motivate and to encourage students to succeed in their academic studies.
  • To expose students to various techniques of learning.
  • To highlight the different facilities provided in Al-Mukminin mosque such as the study corner and to introduce students to their mentors who can help them in their studies.
  • To forge relationship between Shuqun Secondary School and Al-Mukminin mosque with regard to the programs conducted in Al-Mukminin mosque.

The programme was divided into two segments. The first segment was conducted in the AV Room in Shuqun Secondary School. The motivation programme was facilitated by Ustaz Fattah. The students were enthusiastic and excited as they took part in the games and activities. The encouraging words by the facilitators have managed to inspire the students to strive for success in their studies.

For the second segment, students went to Al Mukminin mosque. The mini trip featured the facilities that are available for the students such as the library, hall, study corner, etc.

Ustaz Fattah was pleased that students cooperated well and ensured that the activities planned were smoothly carried out. The students, on the other hand found the outreach programme interesting and stimulating. They learned values such as respect and teamwork through group activities that were carried out. The students look forward to being involved in such programmes again in the future.

Activity 2: ML Language & Cultural Camp (Sec 1 & 2) - 14th February

Date: 14.2.2014
Time: 2.00-6.30 pm
Venue: AV Room & Classrooms
Target: Sec 1 & 2 (E, NA & NT)

Learning Objectives:
  • To introduce and expose students to Malay culture and practices.
  • To bring Malay culture closer to the students through hands-on activities and games.
  • To instil values such as teamwork and cooperation among the students through the Amazing Race.

Sec 1 and 2 students were involved in a Mother Tongue Language and Cultural Camp in Term 1. Students had the opportunities to learn more about Malay culture and the arts through activities that were planned such as decorating curry puffs, preparing 'bunga rampai' and 'bunga manggar'. In addition, the students showcased their talent dancing the 'silat pengantin' to the tune of traditional Malay songs. Students were also exposed to traditional Malay games such as 'congkak', 'tapak kuda' and 'tarik upih'. They also performed a 'Wayang Kulit' play under the guidance of facilitators from Wira Budaya. The students were captivated by the skills needed to move the puppets and at the same time telling a story based on the storyline given.

In general, the students responded well to the activities planned for the Camp and participated actively throughout the Camp. The spirit of unity and cooperation were evident and they established closer relationship with their peers.

The highlight of the Camp was the Amazing Race which lasted an hour. The students' skills and knowledge were tested during the Amazing Race as they must apply these to complete the race. Though seven groups of students competed in the Amazing Race but there were only three winning teams. The winning groups were awarded prizes at the end of the Camp.

Activity 3 : Outreach Programme Camp (Shuqun & Al Mukminin) -17 th - 18 th Mac

Date: 17.3-18.3.2014
Time: 7.30 am (17/3) & 9.30 am (18/3)
Venue: Al Mukminin
Target: Sec 1E, NA & NT

Learning Objectives:
  • To motivate and to encourage students to succeed in their academic studies.
  • To give students the opportunity to build good rapport with their peers.
  • To instil values such as honesty, integrity, responsibility and resilient among the students.
  • To encourage students to be members of Al Mukminin Mosque that will render their services and involved in other CIP programmes initiated by Al Mukminin

Outreach Programme cum Motivation (Shuqun & Al Mukminin)

Studens posed happily for the camera during the walk trail to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve.

Al Mukminin Mosque organised a 2D/1N Camp for 15 pupils from Sec 1 on 17 March and 18 March 2014 with the support of Shuqun Secondary's Malay Language Unit. This Camp served as a platform to instil values such as honesty, integrity, responsibility and resilient in the students. Students were involved in many interesting and stimulating games that tested their abilities to work and cooperate as teams in order to complete all the tasks given to them. Six facilitators from Al Mukminin Mosque served as mentors to all the students. Students were informed of their responsibilities as students and teenagers to their families besides being involved in a walk trail to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve to better bond with their peers and appreciate nature.

Bonding session and interaction time for students at Al Mukminin before the end of the Camp.

This is the first time that Shuqun Secondary had collaborated with Al Mukminin in planning this Camp as a follow up to the Outreach and Motivation Workshop that was organised earlier on 18.1.2014. The response from the students had been very encouraging as they were happy to be involved in the Camp and they look forward to such camps again in the future.

Malay Format
Program-Program yang dijalankan sepanjang tahun 2014
Program Outreach dan Motivasi

Tarikh: 18.1.2014
Masa: 9.00 pg - 4.00 ptg
Lokasi: Bilik AVA (Shuqun) dan Al Mukminin (Dewan)
Target: Men 1NA & 1NT


Memberi motivasi kepada para pelajar untuk berjaya dalam pelajaran.

Mendedahkan para pelajar pada pelbagai teknik pembelajaran.

Mengetengahkan kepada para pelajar tentang kemudahan-kemudahan yang terdapat di Al Mukminin seperti sudut belajar dan pelajar mentor yang boleh membantu mereka dalam pelajaran.

Menjalin hubungan muhibah di antara sekolah menengah Shuqun dan Al Mukminin berkaitan dengan kerja-kerja kebajikan dan program-program di Al Mukminin.

Program ini dibahagikan kepada dua bahagian. Bahagian pertama diadakan di bilik AVA Sekolah Menengah Shuqun. Program motivasi ini dikendalikan oleh Ustaz Fattah. Para pelajar seronok mengambil bahagian dalam semua acara yang dikendalikan oleh fasilitator al Mukminin. Para pelajar juga terangsang dengan kata-kata motivasi yang disampaikan oleh Ustaz Fattah tentang kepentingan pelajaran dalam kehidupan.

For the second segment, students went to Al Mukminin mosque. The mini trip featured the facilities that are available for the students such as the library, hall, study corner, etc.

Bahagian Kedua pula program ini diadakan di Al Mukminin. Para pelajar diperkenalkan dengan segala kemudahan yang disediakan untuk kegunaan orang awan dan juga pelajar Shuqun.

Menurut maklum balas Ustaz Fattah, para pelajar Shuqun telah memberikan sepenuh perhatian mereka dalam memastikan agar semua aktiviti yang dirancangkan bagi program ini berjalan dengan lancar. Berdasarkan maklum balas pelajar pula, program Outreach ini sangat menarik dan pelajar berpeluang mengenali di antara satu sama lain dengan lebih dekat lagi serta berkesempatan memupuk nilai-nilai yang murni seperti semangat bekerjasama dan bergotong-royong dalam menyempurnakan sesuatu tugasan yang diberikan oleh pihak fasilitator.

2.Kem Bahasa dan Budaya

Tarikh: 14.2.2014
Masa: 2.00 ptg - 6.30 ptg
Lokasi: Bilik AVA & Bilik Darjah
Target: Men 1 & 2 (E, NA & NT)


Mendedahkan para pelajar kepada bahasa, budaya dan kesenian Melayu.

Mendekatkan para pelajar kepada kebudayaan, kesenian dan makanan tradisional orang Melayu.

Memberi peluang kepada para pelajar untuk terlibat dan bekerjasama dalam Pertandingan Permainan Bahasa, Budaya dan Kesenian Melayu.

Pelajar Men 1& 2 telah terlibat dalam Kem Bahasa, Budaya dan Kesenian pada penggal 1. Para pelajar telah berpeluang mempelajari dan mengambil bahagian dalam beberapa aktiviti yang telah dirancangkan oleh Wira Budaya. Melalui Kem tersebut, para pelajar telah mengenali dan memahami budaya dan kesenian Melayu dengan lebih mendalam lagi. Para pelajar berkesempatan menunjukkan bakat mereka dalam pelbagai aktiviti seperti latihan kelim epok-epok, menyediakan bunga rampai, membuat bunga manggar, menari mengikut rentak silat pengantin, melibatkan diri dalam permainan tradisional seperti congkak dan tapak kuda.

Secara keseluruhan, para pelajar menyambut baik Kem yang telah dirancangkan untuk mereka. Pelajar telah memberikan sepenuh perhatian mereka dan mengambil bahagian dalam semua aktiviti dengan hati dan minda yang terbuka. Banyak yang telah dipelajari oleh para pelajar melalui Kem tersebut seperi nilai bekerjasama, bersatu hati dalam menyempurnakan sesuatu aktiviti dan perasaan ingin tahu untuk mempelajari sesuatu yang baharu.

Kemuncak bagi acara Kem ini ialah Permainan Amazing Race di mana para pelajar diuji pemahaman dan pengetahuan mereka tentang apa yang telah dipelajari di dalam bilik darjah yang lebih berbentuk teori dan sejarah tentang budaya dan kesenian Melayu. Permainan Amazing Race yang berlangsung selama sejam telah mandapat sambutan yang menggalakkan daripada para pelajar. 3 buah kumpulan yang memenangi Permainan Amazing Race juga telah diberikan hadiah.

'Once Upon A Journey', Kem Al Mukminin (Lanjutan daripada Program Outreach dan Motivasi)

Tarikh: 17.3.2014 & 18.3.2014
Masa: 9.00 pg (17/3) hingga 9.30 pg (18/3)
Lokasi: Al Mukminin & Hutan Simpanan Semula Jadi Bukit Timah
Kumpulan Sasaran: Men 1NA, 1NT & 1E

Outreach Programme cum Motivation (Shuqun & Al Mukminin)


Memberikan motivasi kepada para pelajar untuk berjaya dalam pelajaran.

Mempunyai matlamat dalam kehidupan dan berpendirian positif.

Memberikan peluang kepada para peserta untuk mengenali rakan sebaya yang positif dan berakhlak mulia.

Jelas tentang peranan sebagai remaja dan pelajar.

Menyediakan peserta untuk menjadi ahli bagi kelab remaja Al Mukminin dan terlibat dengan kerja-kerja kebajikan dan program-program di Al Mukminin.

Para pelajar mengabadikan foto kenangan bersama kumpulan masing-masing di Hutan Simpanan Semula Jadi Bukit Timah.

'Once upon a Journey', Kem Almukminin ini telah dianjurkan oleh Masjid Al Mukminin dengan sokongan Unit Bahasa Melayu, Sekolah Menengah Shuqun. Sejumlah 15 peserta telah menyertai perkhemahan ini. Kumpulan sasaran bagi perkhemahan ini ialah para pelajar menengah satu. Para pelajar ini merupakan kumpulan pelajar yang sedang melalui proses peralihan daripada zaman kanak-kanak ke zaman remaja. Oleh itu adalah penting bagi mereka mengenali rakan sebaya yang positif dan berakhlak mulia; jelas tentang peranan mereka sebagai pelajar dan anak dalam keluarga; mempunyai matlamat dalam kehidupan dan sentiasa berpendirian positif.

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The Tamil Department has organised many activites for the Tamil students to doing January and February. There are many fun and interesting activites we did. Firstly, the Sec 3 went to Umar Pulavar to celebrate Pongal. They went to see the cows which plays a important role in Pongal and also made their own Pongal.

  • Uri adithal
  • Agal vizhaku painting
  • Garland making

Our students learnt how to tie a garland which was challenging and difficult, but they overcame those difficulties and managed to tie them. The garlands are used to praise the gods, marriages and other auspicious festivals


Secondly, they painted their own agal vizhaku. They were given a plain white vizhaku and some painting materials. They were supposed to paint them and decorate them. After painting their vizhaku they were asked to explain and describe why they used that colour and pattern.

Language cum cultural workshop(2NA,2EXP,3NA,3EXP) 14TH FEBRUARY 2014.

These pictures depicts students creatively making rangolis. Basically, it is a form of indian art. It is drawn in the entrance of the houses using flowers and coloured powder. Rangoli gives a beauty to the house and it welcomes guests. It is mainly used during festive seasons.

Students proudly prensenting their work

Firstly, they taught us how to act In a drama. They were taught how to project their voices. And then they give us inprompt topics and ask us to act out.

They were divided into groups to come out with a story to act out. This pictures describe them doing group discussion.

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